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The  Legacy Ltd. specializes in publishing and printing contemporary Northwest Coast Indian Art graphics.

Here’s a partial listing of the Northwest Coast Indian artists we repeatedly show:

COAST SALISH: Shaun Peterson • Stan Greene • Susan Point •  Maynard Johnny • Dennis Allen • Andrea Wilbur-Sigo  • Less LIE • Marvin Oliver • Manuel Salazar • Al Charles • Kelly Cannell

HAIDA: Alvin Adkins • Robert Davidson • Reggie Davidson •  Bill Bedard • Don Yeomans • Geoff Greene • Cooper Wilson

KWAKWAKA'WAKW (Canada): Wayne Alfred • Harold Alfred • Johnathan Henderson • Don Svanvik • Sean Whonnock • Calvin Hunt • Richard Hunt • Tom Hunt • Stan Hunt • Tony Hunt jr. • Mervyn Hunt Child • David Neel  • Joe Wilson • Patrick Hunt • Stephen Hunt • Steve Hunt • Beau Dick • Francis Dick

MAKAH: Greg Colfax • John Goodwin • Micah Vogel • Alex McCarty • Spencer McCarty • Micah McCarty

NUU-CHAH-NULTH (Canada): Patrick Amos • George David • Joe David • Moy Sutherland • Tim Paul • Art Thompson • Doug David

TLINGIT: Mick Beasley • Rick Beasley • Wayne Price • Norm Jackson • Ben Paul • Odin Lonning • Terrence Campbell • Nick Galanin • Jim Schoppert
TSIMSHIAN: David Boxley • John Hudson • Norman Tait • David Robert Boxley • Robert Hewson • Mike Dangeli • Jack Hudson • Henry Green • Roy Vickers • Roxana Leask

OTHER ARTISTS: Ramon Murillo • Barry Wilson • Derek Wilson • Henry Robertson • Josh Prescott • Thomas Stream • Glen Rabena • John Livingston • Duane Pasco • Valerie Malesku • Jerry Laktonen


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The Legacy Ltd.

The Prints of Grey’s Anatomy

Featuring the graphic images seen on the sets of ABC’s hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, art work published by The Legacy Ltd has been seen by millions of  viewers. Prints from some editions are still available for purchase.

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New Works at the gallery!  Prints by David Boxley and  Dennis Allen, new masks from George David and Jerry Laktonen, and much more. 

Cutting Edge 
1973 - 2013CuttingEdgeGraphics13.html


serigraph by Ben Davidson (Haida)

Moons Eclipsed 
serigraph by Valerie Malesku (Cree)OtherPrint1.html
Untitled (Coyote) 
mixed media by Rick Bartow (Wiyot)Painting5.html
serigraph by Dennis Allen (Coast Salish)SalishPrintS1.html
Bear Mother Mask
by George David (Nuu-chah-nulth)Mask1-3.html
Owl Man Mask
by Jerry Laktonen (Alutiiq)Mask1-35.html
serigraph by Jeffrey Veregge (Coast Salish)SalishPrintS6.html
serigraph by David Boxley (Tsimshian)Tsimshian11.html