The Legacy Ltd


The Legacy Ltd. is acknowledged by many museums and  collectors as the nation’s foremost source of traditional Northwest Coast Indian and  Alaskan Native Art, both historic and contemporary. Since 1933, we’ve assisted  beginning and advanced collectors, museum curators, connoisseurs of the authentic and beautiful, and visitors interested in something more than a souvenir. We’re a known and well respected resource not just in the United States and Canada, but also in Europe  and Japan.

Clients will find important objects of art by the leading Northwest Coast Indian artists working today including:

The largest selection anywhere of NW Coast limited edition prints

Contemporary masks ranging from small portrait masks to large and spectacular transformation pieces


Bentwood cedar boxes and chests


Button blankets


Canoe models and full size canoe paddles

Full size totem poles by gallery artists are available

One-of-a-kind, hand carved silver and gold Northwest Coast bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants

•Museum quality baskets

Unique Exhibitions & Special  Services

Once or twice a year we mount a lavish exhibition on a  theme. Among the more noteworthy have been Art in Silver: Northwest Coast Indian  Contemporary Jewelry, 1974 (the only show, museum or gallery originated, to feature  this important art form); The Hunt Family Tree, 1988 (the definitive documentary so  far on that world renowned NWC Indian clan); Arctic Visions: Historic and Prehistoric  Objects from Alaska, 1989 (a comprehensive look at ancient Alaskan art forms); To  Dance: Ceremonial Art of the Living Northwest Coast, 1990 (the largest gallery show  ever of contemporary ceremonial artworks). Our exhibition, Monuments in  Cedar: Totem Poles of the Northwest Coast, featured 13 full size totem poles (and six  other large works) by leading Northwest Coast Indian artists. Of that show, Deloris Tarzan Ament of the Seattle Times wrote, "...a minor miracle... the resulting show is  rich testimony that it was well worth the trouble... it’s a fair bet you’ll  remember it for the rest of your life."

link to The Legacy Ltd Exhibition Archive page

Services offered by The Legacy Ltd:

• Accept private commissions for objects such as masks and full size totem poles

• Work with corporate clients, architects, designers and museum  curators

• Ship worldwide

• Maintain biographies on all the NWC Indian artists we represent

• Promptly send photographs and details of new acquisitions

• Guarantee every art work we sell

Helen Carlson and Paul Nicholson, owners